Friday, March 14, 2014

My Mommy's Purse!

Sitting here holding my Mommy's purse! The church clerk is reading a long list of announcements. This purse is so heavy, and I am so bored! I wonder what is in there?

Oh wow!
1 tiny blue bottle of French perfume!
2 sticks of Juicy Fruit chewing gum!
3 pieces of peppermint candy!
4 lint balls
5 ticket stubs
6 books of S & H green stamps
7 family pictures inside the wallet
8 keys on a ring
9 piece manicure set with file, nail clipper, emery board, tweezer, clear finger nail polish, safety pin, lipstick, comb, brush
10 dollars in her wallet, with driver's license and social security card

The church clerk is finished with the announcements! Now it is time for testimonies! I am so bored. Think I'll go to sleep.

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