Friday, November 1, 2013

The Holidays and Grief

While the Holidays are upon us and they bring with them a certain level of excitement and sentiment, they also bring with them sadness for those who are mourning. 

Grief has no time or calendar, it could be recent or a long time.

Grief is a very powerful emotion, there is an aching void and emptiness in the heart and home. A treasured loved one is gone! 
What do I do? 
How do I pack away the clothes, the toys, the memories?
Should I pack them away? 
How do I file the necessary papers? 
Death certificates, ugh! 
Maybe if I had just fluffed the pillow or listened, then it might have been different. 
Is it my fault?

I cannot find my God...

There is healthy grief and unhealthy grief, during the holidays and in the off season. The difference is what activities and what company to keep. Avoid negative people, and situations that are dangerous to body, mind, and Spirit, (and especially bank account).
For those who face the holidays and look in the mirror of loneliness and grief, do not shy away from or even hesitate to reach out to someone with a safe and willing ear, an open heart and someone who lets you express yourself, and you know it is safe. 

Get it out! 
Cry it out! 
Scream it out!
Pray it out!

"Savior lead me lest I stray. Gently lead me all the way. I am safe when by Thy side. I would in Thy love abide. Lead me, lead me, Savior lead me lest I stray. Gently down the stream of time, lead me Savior, all the way?"

"Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou art with me. Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me"


  1. Excellent Reverend Cathy! There are many people in need of these words. It is important that we lift up those who are having a difficult time during the holidays. Love you!!!

  2. This is a topic that many experience but often goes unattended. Thank you for your words of encouragement, revealing to us all that there is grace for your grief.

  3. Cathy, this was insightful, encouraging, and sensitive. It also reminds me of the purpose and the importance of the training and job I have a s Mental Health First Aider. Love you!

  4. Cathy,you are not the kind of person who is content with knowing 'just enough' to get by. Your thirst for knowledge pertaining to the biblical scriptures, alerts our inner thoughts of the challenges we face in our daily lives. Great Blog.....

  5. Grief Talk: Necessarily needed, culturally relevant, practical applicablility, and a marketplace for the birthing and breeding ground for good to come out of grievance(s).

    This blog is much needed for the people of God.