Friday, January 3, 2014

About My Father's Business

A composite testimony of the family members of preachers/pastors.

Even though this quote is a passage where Jesus as a child said to Mary and Joseph, there are times when it is used as an excuse for preachers/pastors to not be present in and at places that were personal and important to family members. 

"Why do I have to be exposed and an embarrassing illustration in the sermon? When do I get the microphone to tell what you did, said, or did not do and said?"

Living under public scrutiny is painful, crazy, and real. Church services, banquets, funerals, revival meetings, weddings, church meetings. Got to smile when you want to stay home and watch a movie or play a board game. 

What about the basketball game that I am playing in? 
Or, the science fair, the concert, or going to my prom? 
Why are you not in the pictures? (Didn't Jesus say "come apart and rest?")

The saying is 

"Preacher's kids are the worst ones!" 

"The preacher's wife thinks she is better than everyone!" 

What about just being regular, normal, human, (whatever that means) even when we have to be about the Father's business?

When Jesus as a child said this, it was a moment with His family, not a rude, and selfish reason of escape and denial!
About My Father's Business?

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